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October 1999 Editor's Choice Award provides listings of the best that the Internet offers on any topic. With a category listing and a keyword search on the home page, users can directly locate information and businesses related to any topic of interest. More importantly, users can quickly access the very best web sites instead of slogging through thousands of unqualified links only marginally related to a given topic. Editors prioritize the most useful and relevant web sites, constantly refreshing their selections.

July 1999 StudyWeb Excellence Award

The StudyWeb Excellence Award was awarded to this web site by StudyWeb, one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers.

1999 Keep Texas Beautiful Merit Award in the Individual Volunteer category for Civic Leadership

1999 Keep Plano Beautiful "Keeps on Giving" Sustained Effort Award

1999 Keep Plano Beautiful Composting Program Volunteer of the Year Award

1999 Certificate of Recognition by the Plano City Council

1999 Nomination for the Volunteer Center of Collin County's Volunteer of the Year Award

These awards were all related to Mary's work in composting, primarily the web site.

September 23 1998 Cool Site of the Day Award from Netscape

We rated a 9 out of 10 on CONTENT which Netscape describes as personality, relevance, utility, and links.

May 1998 Cool Site of the Day Award from FacilitiesNet™

Cool Site of the Day

1998 Cyberspace and Beyond Award from Keep Plano Beautiful

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Online Stores
Compost Tea Brewer
Build a brewer with a bucket and less than $15 worth of components, and make aerated compost tea.
Composting the Holidays
Compost fall leaves, hay bales, holly wreaths, pine trees, etc. Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile.



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