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I am a big supporter of environmental groups that save wildlife and natural spaces in various parts of the world. In my heart, I know that those groups are doing work that is vital to the well-being of the human race and they should be supported. But eventually, it began to bother me that I was always sending money to a faceless "them" to save the world "over there" somewhere. I was focused on saving tigers and elephants and polar bears and other beautiful creatures that had nothing whatsoever to do with my day-to-day life. Paying others to do "the responsible thing" while I had only a financial involvement was not consistent with my self-image. I asked some important questions:

  • Can I improve the environment without traveling halfway around the world to another continent?
  • How can I improve the environment where I live?
  • How can I impact the planet by acting here, now?
The lot under my newly-purchased first home was the part of the planet over which I had the most control. I decided to start there. By producing and incorporating compost into the soil, I could improve soil structure and quality. That in turn would produce healthy plants able to provide more oxygen to the planet and would also allow me to use water more efficiently, avoid harmful chemicals, and prevent organic waste going to the landfill.

I am fortunate to belong to a generation which believes that we not only have the responsibility to change the world, but that each of us also has the power to do so. So I set out to educate others. I earned my Master Composter certificate, then my Master Composter Instructor certificate. Meanwhile, in 1997, I started building www.mastercomposter.com as a reference for my classes and others who wanted composting explained to them in accurate but simple terms. The web site caught on and quickly developed a strong, international following. Thousands utilized the web site each day to learn more about home composting and we were soon the premier resource for home composting information.

Many individuals, businesses and government agencies worked hard to get the word out on composting in the 90s and through the turn of the millenium. Awareness of composting is now common among home-owners, though participation is not yet pervasive. The number of compost-savvy households is growing every day, as many continue to teach compost's benefits. If every landowner managed his or her soil responsibly, the planet would be healthy.

Compost educators in both public and private sectors have changed the world for the better. We have increased awareness of Nature's cycle of life and death so that people know they can use productive options to process organic wastes. We have educated people regarding composting's numerous benefits to the environment in terms of soil health and structure, water quality improvement, removing material from the solid waste stream, and reduction in the need for harmful chemicals. By teaching composting to those whose time was previously occupied with video games, computers, and TVs, we have reintroduced a connection between the individual and Nature.

We hope you will become a fervent composter, too!

Mary Tynes
Web Site Editor

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Web Site Editor

Mary J. Tynes earned her Master Composter and Master Composter Instructor certificates from the State of Texas. Mary is assisted by Alexander the Great Dog, official mascot of www.mastercomposter.com and VP of Public Relations. From the linked photo you can access another photo that shows a "head shot" of Alex's beautiful face. As of August, 2009, Alex is 15.5 years old and still going strong! I have another dog named Elsie, now 3.5 years old and 45 lbs.

See old awards for the web site at our Awards page. I kept up with these when the site was new. After awhile, it wasn't worth the effort, but you can see our early awards if you like.

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Compost fall leaves, hay bales, holly wreaths, pine trees, etc. Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile.



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