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Why We Compost

Most reasons for composting fall into two categories. The first reason is the reduction of waste. The more we compost organic materials rather than throwing them away, the more landfill space is saved. This means we have less trash, fewer landfills, and save costs (i.e., taxpayer money) on trash collection because there is less to collect, transport, and dispose.

The second reason is to improve the environment by improving the soil. When finished compost is added to the soil, it affects everything in the environment from water cleanliness to plant vitality.

  • What is Compost? - Explains what compost is and shows you with photos. It also explains the Biology of Composting.
  • Why Not Throw It Away? - Explains why NOT recycling and composting is costing taxpayers so much money.
  • Benefits of Healthy Soil - When you add compost to your soil, you receive many benefits. Find out about them here.

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Online Stores
Compost Tea Brewer
Build a brewer with a bucket and less than $15 worth of components, and make aerated compost tea.
Composting the Holidays
Compost fall leaves, hay bales, holly wreaths, pine trees, etc. Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile.



  1. What is Compost?
  2. Why Not Throw It Away?
  3. Benefits of Healthy Soil

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