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This page contains information on the pdf eBook Make Your Own Brewer and Brew Compost Tea at Home!which describes the making of aerated compost tea in detail. Please follow all safety recommendations in the eBook.

Make Your Own Brewer and Brew Compost Tea at Home!, in pdf eBook format, gives detailed instructions on how to brew aerated compost tea in a brewer made from a bucket and less than $15 worth of components. Aeration allows beneficial bacteria to survive the brewing process. Used as a foliar spray, aerated compost tea fights plant diseases and helps to destroy toxins, in addition to providing plant nutrients. Tea may also be used as a soil drench. This eBook details the components required to build your brewer, assembly instructions, safety precautions, producing compost that is most favorable for brewing, brewing instructions, and application information.

If you do not know what an eBook is, click this link for a Free Excerpt from the eBook. It can be read in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which is probably already installed on your computer. If you are unfamiliar with the reasons for brewing by an aerated method rather than the old "burlap bag in a barrel of water" method, you should also download the excerpt to read that information.

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Compost Tea Brewer
Build a brewer with a bucket and less than $15 worth of components, and make aerated compost tea.
Composting the Holidays
Compost fall leaves, hay bales, holly wreaths, pine trees, etc. Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile.



  1. Soil Incorporation
  2. In-Soil Ingestion or Digestion
  3. Trench Composting
  4. Mulching
  5. Composting Toilets
  6. **Compost Tea**

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