Leon's Composting

Leon Brandon is a frequent contributor to our Message Board, and has always been ready to help me track down information. In fact, Leon was the first person to offer to help me answer questions that arrived through the web site (not counting Wild Bill, who asked me to start the Board).

Leon is very active in the Plano Master Composters and frequently writes compost articles for the Farmersville Gazette and Power Pages.

See links below to pictures of Leon's compost piles and motorized sifter, plus his thoughts on mulching.

There has been a lot of interest in Leon's sifter. He has improved it with an additional motor and the details can be accessed through the sifter link below.


Leon's Kingdom

This aerial photo gives you an idea of the area around Leon's home out in the country. You can even see the compost piles in the bottom right hand corner!

Compost Piles

Let's take a closer look at those compost piles. Click here for a selection of photos of Leon's steaming compost piles.


Leon's thoughts on mulch as he writes up his experiment in the Plano Master Composter newsletter Compost Matters.

Power-Motor Sifter

Check out the details on the sifter and its evolution. Leon has recently updated his sifter with a second motor.

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