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Equipment for Composting

There are very few required tools in composting, but sometimes the right equipment can make your efforts far more effective and enjoyable. In addition to a shovel, pitchfork, and water hose, there are optional tools you may want to consider to aid your composting efforts. The following topics are available to discuss the various types of equipment that aid the home composter:

  • Types of Manufactured Bins - A discussion of various kinds of compost bins with photos of different styles. Tumblers are also covered.
  • Build a Bin - If you prefer to build your own bin, find instructions here.
  • Sifters and Screens - Explains the purpose of sifting, and a look at sifters/screens from small to large.
  • Hand Tools - This page discusses thermometers, aerators, hydrometers, and pH testers.
  • Chippers / Shredders - A discussion for those who have large volumes of leaves or small limbs, and might find a chipper or shredder beneficial.

Note added 2010:
Check out the Minimum Composting Equipment Requirements and the How to Use a Compost Thermometer articles I wrote for CompostMania's LEARN section.

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Online Stores
Compost Tea eBook
Build a brewer with a bucket and less than $15 worth of components, and make aerated compost tea.
Composting the Holidays eBook
Compost fall leaves, hay bales, holly wreaths, pine trees, etc. Compost pumpkins (food waste) in a compost pile.



  1. Types of Manufactured Bins
  2. Build a Bin
  3. Sifters and Screens
  4. Hand Tools
  5. Chippers / Shredders

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